Tips, Tools & FAQs

Tips, Tools & FAQs

Being responsible for a pool can be a lot of work. We know. We do it too. We’ve learned quite a bit over the years and wished that someone would’ve been nice enough to throw some helpful tips our way. We’ve put this information together to hopefully help you handle most of the day-to-day pool maintenance you might have. If you still can’t get things to work, it might be a good idea to make a service request.

Great pool tips, tutorials & manuals

This section is probably going to be the best place to start with getting your pool under control. We cover everything from regular pool maintenance to good pool safety. We’ve even started a library of pool equipment manuals to help you take a shot at fixing the hardware you’ve got – just don’t forget how to put it back together!

Pool Maintenance & Tutorials

This is a list of common tutorials to help people maintain their swimming pools. Choose from one of the tutorials to see the step-by-step directions.

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Pool Safety & Other Tips

Your pool and/or spa will no doubt be a source of fun and relaxation for you, your family and friends. We have a list of Safety Tips to remind you and the users of your pool or spa of some common safety practices.

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Pool Resources

Sometimes trying to keeping track of all your equipment manuals and other important documents is just impossible – especially if you’re changing out some part of your system every year. We’ve built a library to help.

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Pool Tools & Troubleshooting Guide


Ever adjust your water chemicals and it turns a funky color? Sometimes you just have to wait. Sometimes it’s time to call in a professional. We have a great troubleshooting guide to help you decide and we’ve thrown in some helpful tools as well.

Frequently Asked Pool Questions


We get a lot of questions from our customers and have found ourselves answering a lot of the same ones over and over. It’s not a bad thing – we know it’s just part of taking care of a pool.