Products & Accessories

Products & Accessories

We are working on the best darned shopping site available. But until that is done here are a few of our offerings. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our pool experts are designing and obtaining every pool gadget available to fulfill your every pool want and need! Just drop us a line and we can get it for you. We will let you know as soon as our full blown awsomest most complete list of pool thingamajigs are available for purchase right here on the best stinking pool site on the web.

Pool Products & Equipment

  • Automatic Cleaners

    Yep, we have lots of awesome cleaners. We carry all shapes and sizes and can get one to your door before you can say “muck be gone!”

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  • Chlorine and Bromine Erosion Feeders

    Welcome to our ool. Notice we like to keep the ‘P’ out of it. Ask us about our erosion feeders and we will make sure your water is sanitized and sparkling all season long!

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  • Filter Systems

    Dirty water? From Sand to Cartridge to DE we have all your filter needs covered like a pig in a blanket. Our gurus will fit the right filter to your pool to make sure your water is sparkling and free of debris!

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  • Heaters

    Don’t worry about dipping your toe in to check the water temp. You can cannon ball into the deep end with confidence that our wide variety of heaters will keep your water warm as well as your tootsies.

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  • Lift Chairs

    Are you ready to bring your facility up to ADA compliance? We have heaps of lift chairs for all pool shapes and sizes. Limited pool deck space isn’t a problem for our experts; we will find a chair that fits!

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  • Lights

    No late night pool party is complete without the right lighting. Whether you want a tastefully lit pool or a rockin’ light show, we have you covered!

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  • Liners

    • Antique Brick (Light Liner)

      Antique Brick (light)

    • Cascade (Light Liner)

      Cascade (light)

    • Midnight Atlantis (Light Liner)

      Midnight Atlantis (light)

    • Royal Allure (Light Liner)

      Royal Allure (light)

    • SC (Light Liner)

      SC (light)

    • Atlantis (Medium Liner)

      Atlantis (medium)

    • Botanical (Medium Liner)

      Botanical (medium)

    • Brighton Tranquility (Medium Liner)

      Brighton Tranquility (medium)

    • Chesapeak (Medium Liner)

      Chesapeake (medium)

    • Delphi (Medium Liner)

      Delphi (medium)

    • Mystic (Medium Liner)

      Mystic (medium)

    • Princeton (Medium Liner)

      Princeton (medium)

    • Spiral Ocean (Medium Liner)

      Spiral Ocean (medium)

    • Tremblant (Medium Liner)

      Tremblant (medium)

    • Crossroads (Dark Liner)

      Crossroads (dark)

    • Lan (Dark Liner)

      Lan (dark)

    • Metro (Dark Liner)

      Metro (dark)

    • Midnight (Dark Liner)

      Midnight (dark)

    • Sapphire (Dark Liner)

      Sapphire (dark)

    • Seacrest (Dark Liner)

      Seacrest (dark)

    Patterns, patterns, and more patterns! We will custom fit a liner to fit your pool that will make it look brand spanking new. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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  • Pumps

    Pools, slides and more all need flow to go and we have the pumps to make that happen. Variable speed to save you big bucks or the old faithful pumps you know and love. We’ll fit you with the perfect one!

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  • Safety Covers

    Some of them will hold an elephant or a rhino, we just care that they keep you and your family safe (that includes pets too!) Call today for a custom winter safety cover to ensure your pool is protected!

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  • Salt Systems

    Keeping your pool sanitized has never been easier with one of our high fangled automated salt systems. These systems will keep the algae out of your pool and all of your friends swimming!

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  • Spas

    From a basic spa to something a little more exotic we will keep you warm and your muscles relaxed all winter long. Contact us for all of you spa needs!

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  • UV Systems

    Ultra Violet kills most bacteria under the sun (and in your water.) We can retrofit your current system with the perfect UV system to keep even the pickiest pool inspector whistling Dixie!

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