Terry Wieneke

Terry Wieneke

Terry Wieneke

Maintenance Manager

7 years experience

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12 years experience

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Service Technician

5 years experience

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Maintenance Technician

3 years experience

Terry was born and raised in Nebraska. He is a plumber by trade and still holds his plumbing license. This comes in handy when he is resolving any pool issues you are having so you can get back to swimming faster! He has been a full time pool guy for over 5 years. In addition to a plumbing license, Terry holds a National Certified Pool Operators license, he is a Certified Diamond Brite installer, and he holds his Certified Service Technician license issued by the APSP. Terry is constantly seeking educational opportunities to better his skills to make sure you are always swimming in a crystal clear pool.

Terry’s responsibilities are in the maintenance and repair realm. He is also our primary remodel team member; he takes pride in his work and will only put his stamp of approval on a job that is truly well done. Updating pools, equipment and performing renovations are projects he takes seriously. He is taking on some extra job duties this year by helping to manage the maintenance staff, overseeing projects and assisting the other maintenance team members through on the job training. When Terry isn’t having fun next to your pool he enjoys creative cooking, helping neighbors and friends, spending time at his pool and he is a loving husband and father to his three kids.