Scott Nigro

Scott Nigro

Scott Nigro


15 years experience

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12 years experience

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Service Technician

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Maintenance Manager

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If you go to Wikipedia and look up entrepreneur, Scott’s picture will be there; unless they have already removed it from the site – again. While he was still in high school Scott had the vision and wherewithal to start his own business. He started parking cars for a local country club. He took the idea of parking cars and made it his own by starting his own valet company. After high school he grew his parking business to the largest in the metro, graduated from UNO with a business degree, earned his real estate and broker’s license and pursued various real estate ventures. Most importantly (of course) he is a Nationally Certified Pool Operator and holds his Certified Service Technician license awarded by the APSP.

Much like Chad’s humble beginning, Scott’s experience in the swimming pool industry started while working in real estate. Actually; when he was 10 he helped his neighbor design and install a “bubble” covering his pool so Scott and his buds could swim all winter long in a warm pool. He has been swimming in pools ever since, but didn’t become an expert in the industry until about 12 years ago.

Managing various commercial properties with swimming pools; he saw a need for a quality pool service company that took his customers’ needs seriously. Managing a few pools with hundreds of children’s summer fun hanging in the balance; he quickly realized he would have to learn all of the ins and outs of pool operation. After a few years maintaining pools and training a maintenance staff on proper operation a new vision was born. Outside of parking cars and real estate, a new company must be started; a company that would become more important than any of his others. Spoiler alert: it was this great establishment known as Platinum Pool Service.

Scott tirelessly sought out training opportunities to sharpen his skills. He didn’t stop there, as an innovator; Scott knew that it wasn’t enough to know how to operate a pool. He knew Platinum Pool Service must be on the cutting edge, not only providing for our customers’ pool needs but shattering expectations. Platinum Pool Service is doing this by updating and renovating pools so they operate at his highest level of efficiency. If Platinum Pool Service is your service company you can be sure all the latest tech is available and at your disposal.

Scott’s experience as a business owner and developer continues to help Platinum Pools in the never ending quest to be the best, biggest, baddest pool company in the region. Scott is an outside the box thinker and has helped with many innovations which have helped take our services to the next level. His vision continues to keep everyone on their toes and ensures your pool will be in good hands and operating smoothly for years to come.