Phill Lanegan

Phill Lanegan

Phill Lanegan

Pool Guy

3 years experience

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12 years experience

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Operations Manager

7 years experience

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Service Technician

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Service Manager

8 years experience

Phill loves spending time next to water – lake water to be more specific. As an avid fisherman and outdoorsman Phill came to us a few years ago interested in a job. He traded in his fishing net for a pool net and has learned that standing next to a crystal clear pool can be as relaxing as hanging out by a lake or stream. He has been part of the team for over 2 years now. Phill has earned his National Certified Pool Operators license and may be standing next to your pool sometime this summer making sure it is crystal clear and ready for swimming.

Phill’s duties range from pool cleaning, deliveries, sand blasting and some light maintenance. He is constantly looking for ways to hone his skills as a pool guy as he learns more about this great industry. He enjoys being in your backyard making sure things are running perfectly so you are ready for your weekend BBQ!