Chad Sarver

Chad Sarver

Chad Sarver


15 years experience

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I have been working on, with and in swimming pools for the past 12 years. This is a far cry from my fancy degree from Hastings College in Marketing and Public relations (okay, maybe it isn’t that fancy). Established in 2006, we have strived to provide the best most top notch service to pool owners and operators across Omaha, scratch that, Kansas City, okay we are in a lot of different markets now, from Nebraska, to Iowa, to Kansas and Missouri.

I didn’t start off as a knowledgeable pool pro. I started like anybody else; at the public pool down the street doing cannon balls off the high dive trying to get the lifeguard wet. I stumbled into real estate and found myself with a number of pools that needed care. I couldn’t find someone that cared as much about my pools as I did. The fate of hundreds of children’s summer hinged on whether they could swim or not. If they were swimming I was a hero and I like being a hero; so I had to learn.

Platinum Pool Service came a few years later while painting the bottom of a commercial swimming pool. My (now) partner Scott and I realized there is a group of people that had specific needs that we understood because we have been in their shoes. Memorial Day is coming and I have a bunch of people standing outside the pool gate with towels and flip flops just waiting for the inspector to give the thumbs up. We realized there was a group of people that needed a pool company who cares as much about their pool and their customers as they do. Thus began the start of Platinum Pool Service; the greatest day in Omaha history since Rotella’s started slicing bread!

Platinum Pool Service has become one of the fastest growing service companies and authority for all things pools in the area. Today, we house a number of National Certified Pool Operators, Certified Service Technicians and a lot of other certifications that you have probably never heard of. We’re nuts about pools, and work like crazy to deliver the very best in quality, price, professionalism, service, and overall experience to our valued customers. From backyards, gyms, hotels, therapy clinics, municipal pools and spray parks we have had the opportunity to work with just about every type of aquatic facility around.

We are blessed to be involved in such a great industry and to work with such great customers. We have made many friends along the way and look forward to making many more. You can count on us to take your needs seriously because your best interest is also ours. We will be there with a smile and solutions to whatever issue you may be having.

Thank you for letting us make a living by hanging out next to your pool every day!